Monday, June 15, 2009


update I think?

not much happening very busy at work. My article was published in the latest issue of PEEL SEEDS through Monash University, good reviews so far.

Listening to lots of stuff at the minute- lots of Faith No More, some Porcupine Tree, Fishbone and Strapping Young Lad's last album "the new black" that I found for $3!

Speaking of SYL- Gene and Byron are touring oz with the new look FEAR FACTORY (which with Dino and Burton looks suspiciously like the old FF).

Marilyn Manson is coming out so the brothers D'Aprano will carry the ol' Draven flag into Festival Hall for the show.

Speaking of Draven, it was 10 years ago last week (4/6) since the infamous shit stirring gig at the old youth centre in Niddrie. A hell of a good time where friends were made and some idiot wore electrical tape around his arms and waste.

But that is a story for another time.

Draven's last gig in March 2004.