Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Closing...

My 25 Favourite Silverchair songs

With the band going into "indefinite hibernation" its a good chance to reflect on how bloody good this band actually is. Molly has said they are up there with AC/DC and INXS and it is hard to disagree. Actually there is room to argue that, while they might not have quite reached the heights of either, their output is more varied and represents a significant artistic achievement. Who would've thought the shy kids from Newcastle who said "you're gonna wait fat boy" would end up writing the defining Aussie 00s pop arena anthem ('Straight Lines') or having Guy Pierce direct a video ('Across The Night') or work with David Helfgot ('Emotion Sickness')?

Pretty amazing.

25. 'tomorrow'
24. 'young modern'
23. 'untitled'
22. paint pastel princess
21. Ana's song
20. cemetery
19. Mind reader
18. Pure massacre
17. Miss you love
16. Petrol and chlorine
15. If you keep losing sleep
14. Satin sheets
13. Tuna in the brine
12. Luv your life
11. No association
10. Spawn
9. After all these years
8. The greatest view
7. Slave
6. Across the night
5. Freak
4. The door
3. Israel's son
2. Emotion sickness
1. Straight lines

Feel free to disagree!

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