Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Songs about conflict

Find for inspirado

Nine inch nails - "hand that feeds"
Bob Dylan - "masters of war", "we shall be released" and "all along the watchtower"
Ian Brown - "illegal attacks"
Metallica - "one"
Johnny Cash - "dont take your guns to town"
John butler trio - "revolution"
Midnight oil - "US forces"
Guns n Roses - "civil war"
Killers - "tranqualize"
Iron maiden - "the trooper"
The Beatles - "revolution"
Billie holiday - "strange fruit"
Bob Marley - "exodus" and "redemption song"
Jimi Hendrix - "cross town traffic"
Rolling stones - "gimme shelter" and "street fighting man"
Kelis - "caught out there"
Rose tattoo - "assult & battery"
The animals - "we've gotta get out of this place"
Foo fighters - "the pretender"
Sex pistols - "anarchy in the UK"
Anthrax - "caught in a mosh"
Alanis morrisette - "you outta know"
Smashing pumpkins - "bullet with butterfly wins"
Alice In Chains - "rooster"
Pearl jam - "do the evolution", "world wide suicide" and "Jeremy"

Any ideas?

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